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Founded a decade ago. Brisk (PVT) Limited is a commercial real estate marketing company that provides a wide array of marketing and creative solutions to some of the Pakistan’s best real estate developers. We are comprised young and dynamic team of real estate marketing professionals, digital technology specialists, and award-winning creative designers. Together, we have a clear understanding of the marketing needs of the real estate industry and the expertise to create solutions to serve these needs.We create digital and creative experiences for the commercial real estate industry. Our clients look to us for solutions relating to visual design, digital marketing, online strategy, lead generation and our overall experience to help them maximize exposure and create opportunities.

Our mission is to offer advanced sales and marketing, construction as well as Distribution solutions that allow us to improve competitiveness and productivity, achieving the organizational growth of our clients. Our professional services are distinguished by the personalized attention to our clients. Applying the best practices, processes and technologies available in the market.

Consolidate our selves as the leading company in marketing, construction and Distribution. Maintaining a level of demand with processes of continuous improvement based on innovation, quality and customer service. The above will mark a unique differential that identifies us and at the sametime makes us more competitive in the market. We vision to share all our know-how and passion with our clients.

We grow with our team. our customers and the environment in which we interact. Success is in creating meaning and value for projects. We believe in our work. Things that work. We value and want to value our work. Every job well done brings us new clients and makes us better. Makes us grow. We work as a team. Face the challenges as a team. Our work lives and dies as a team. We love what we do, the only way to do our job well. We are a great family. None of us. no matter how high the hierarchy may be, can impose it self on a good idea.

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Construction supervision from BRISK – helping you to complete your project on time and on budget, while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards.Whether you are involved in the construction of buildings, homes, infrastructure, or commercial facilities, your projects involve the complex coordination of different contractors. Our independent construction supervision can help guide your project to completion on time, on budget and in compliance with the relevant quality standards.



Brisk Marketing is a platform dedicated to offer profound information regarding sale, purchase and rent of residential and commercial Pakistan properties, expert opinion about market situation, tips for home improvement, architects, builders, developers and renowned real estate agencies. By far, it has proved itself a preferred choice for property buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, real estate agents and real estate professionals.

“Why to prefer Brisk Marketing to buy a property?” is a question, clients have in their mind. The answer is simple; we have hundreds of options for you in every category and at every major location across Pakistan. Moreover, we know that buying a property is one of the major decisions, you would ever make in your life. And we care about it. Therefore, we consider providing you a transparent transaction procedure and aim at making the market more accessible for both property buyers and seller alike.

Brisk marketing attracts thousands of unique visitors on monthly basis. Therefore, you have a better choice to advertise your property with brisk marketing in order to attract serious buyers. Moreover, we are busy finding out unique and better ways for you to advertise your property with us and get quick response from interested buyers.

Finding a right tenant for your home or finding a right rental property! Both are difficult tasks.

We can instantly find hundreds of rental homes and immediately contact thousands of potential tenants across Pakistan.

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